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The Best Writing Advice Ever

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  • 4 min read

The absolute worst writing advice I have ever received has been “write chronologically”. You know. Have everything happen in order, start to finish. Yeah, no. That has never worked out for me. I know it’s considered common sense to put everything in the order it happens, and it works for… Read More »The Best Writing Advice Ever


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  • 4 min read

‘Twas in the wee hours of the 8th of May that I passed the quarter-mile of Alvar Road 3, in the middle of endless flat farmers’ fields and scrub brush. I was running on fumes and feeling an encroaching sense of doom that I hadn’t been able to shake. The… Read More »Sheep.

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Top 10 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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  • 10 min read

Virtual Assisting is partially the art of teaching clients to delegate. When you delegate, you take some of your work and give it to someone else. This gives you precious time to do other things. This is something that, as the boss, you can and should do.

Before you ask: yes, I have had to remind bosses that they hired me to do stuff for them, please give me stuff to do.